Friday, 28 June 2013

Passivity and Freedom

Passivity is insidious. It kills your mind (your attention, your intention, and your will) without you knowing it. Internal patterns of reaction (as well as families and institutions) use various mechanisms to keep you asleep. Here, for instance, are six:

Marginalization: The belief system makes ideas, perspectives, or insights that threaten it seem unimportant.

Framing: The belief system frames your thinking so that nothing that threatens the system can be thought.

Seduction: The belief system presents a picture of a world that seems to fulfill your dreams.

Alignment: The belief system tells you that in order to exist, be happy, or have influence, you have to conform to the belief system.

Reduction: The belief system freezes you by reducing complex situations to a single emotionally charged issue.

Polarization:The belief system limits your ability to choose by presenting issues only in terms of right and wrong, this or that.

Freedom is being awake, and being awake means not being passive with the tendencies that kill attention, intention, or will. What you experience is your life. To be free, meet experience directly, know it completely, and act without hesitation.

From:  The Warrior's Solution

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